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    Class Variables

    Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
      I have a class which is controlling a scroll bar. Inside the class there are functions (of course) inside a function there is an onPress event. The button works as trace("press"); shows it but in the onPress = function() {} there is a var that is changeing depending what button up press (up or down really) and then it calls a function scrollText();. I tried useing the instant name where in the main movie you creat the class, var s:as.scrollBar = new as.scrollBar(); and then s.scrollMove(s); which has all the button events in. The other way was the Delegate.create(this, scrollText);. It works but i cannot change the variable.

      I would show you the code but the attach code button has decided that it won't work today, how nice.
      Edit: Now it works