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    How to email a link directly to a Project's Topic

    HWHomberg Level 1
      Well the situation was this:

      The desired outcome: Click a link within the project and have it create an email to someone with a direct link to that particular topic.

      The problem hyperlink properties: mailto:ClubHans@Domain.com?subject=Issue 24 Help &body=file:///X:/Help_Files/Help_Files_Home.htm#Topic_24.htm

      Send the email and:
      With our office setup here, the #Topic_24.htm would be cut off and the link would not open the help project directly to the topic; it would only open to the default page.

      So I made a HTML file with the correct link in it, and named it close to the original desired topic (Topic_24_jump.htm):
      a href="X:/Help_Files/Help_Files_Home.htm#Topic_24.htm"Issue 24 help" /a

      Now the problem hyperlink is workarounded: mailto:ClubHans@Domain.com?subject=Issue 24 Help &body=file:///X:/Help_Files/Topic_24_jump.htm

      And then the user can send the email and click the link in the email, and then click the HTML link, then the correct topic will be jumped to.

      The reason for this workaroundish solution was to eliminate the customer having to create any kind of HTML or external browser shortcuts. Makes them have to click an extra time, but ends them up where I wanted.

      Comments or suggestions to this are appreciated. I know it's probably not the best solution, hope it helps someone out.

      This site has definitely helped me out quite a bit!