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    What is wrong with this?

    Goo101 Level 1
      I have the following if statement which is generating an error . . .

      else if (VoucherNo < upperVoucher) {

      The value for the VoucherNo variable is "20060913142501" and the value for the upperVoucher variable is "20060914000001" (which is 857500 more than the value held in the VoucherNo variable), so why is the code after this 'if' statement not being executed when the condition is so clearly being met!?

      The variables are defined as follows, in case this helps in any way . . .

      var VoucherNo = itxtVoucherNo.text;
      var upperVoucher = String(strYear + strMonthNo + strDayNew + strHour + strMinute + "01");

      Why is this not working!? Someone please help this is so frustrating!!!