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    Collapsible panel

    Sankar Kethineni
      Hi All,

      Here is the scenario,am using the List to display the data and am using the itemRenderer to display multiple dataFields.By default i wanted to display only one data field , for example, Name of the book and a collapsible arrow.

      Now when i click on the collapsible down arrow i want to display remaining details like author of the book,edition,price etc and down arrow should change to up arrow and if i click on the up arrow it should hide the details and change the up arrow to down arrow and it should display only name of the book and collapsible arrow(down)

      Thanks in Advance.
      Here is the sample code ...............
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          rtalton Level 4
          Lot's of ways to do this in your custom component.
          Are you only trying to add the up/down arrow, show/hide the details, or both?
          Are you familiar with using states? You could also try showing/hiding things using actionscript in response to a click.