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    Gobbledeegook in HTML Help topic

      Hi, when I compile my help into MS HTML Help, it comes out great, except for one major flaw:
      The default topic displays the following nonsense:

      Arial;Courier New;Symbol;Wingdings;Tahoma;Times New Roman CE;Times New Roman Cyr;Times New Roman Greek;Times New Roman Tur;Times New Roman (Hebrew);Times New Roman (Arabic);Times New Roman Baltic;Times New Roman (Vietnamese);Arial CE;Arial Cyr;Arial Greek;Arial Tur;Arial (Hebrew);Arial (Arabic);Arial Baltic;Arial (Vietnamese);Courier New CE;Courier New Cyr;Courier New Greek;Courier New Tur;Courier New (Hebrew);Courier New (Arabic);Courier New Baltic;Courier New (Vietnamese);Tahoma CE;Tahoma Cyr;Tahoma Greek;Tahoma Tur;Tahoma (Hebrew);Tahoma (Arabic);Tahoma Baltic;Tahoma (Vietnamese);Tahoma (Thai);

      Does anyone know how to stop this?