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    audio pitch control


      Hi all,

      I am a Flash actionscript programmer. I have come across a peculiar need in elearning courses I have developed so far.

      Some of my users are not able to follow the speed at which the audio in content pages reads. I have hundreds of pages like that. I need to reduce the audio speed (pace).

      Is there a way to slow down the audio speed (pitch) from the actionscript or any other way in flash?

      Any third party tool also welcome. please help me.

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          I'm not sure if flash can do that, but there is a free program called Audacity, which lets you change the speed of an audio clip. You can also add periods of silence to space things out a bit more with Audacity. Inserting silence between sentences might sound better than changing the overall speed, since that will also likely change the pitch of the voice.