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    NLS Not Returning through NES Passthrough


      We are having a problem with the Natural Language Search on RoboHelpPro within RoboEngine. Since RoboEngine only support IIS and our client requires us to use the Sun One WebServer, we have configured it as a reverse proxy and to pass through requests for help. This works great except for one thing. When you access the NLS and enter a text phrase to search, it doesn't return. It appears that RoboEngine and IIS is unable to respond back, so eventually it times out with an error. On the actual server where RoboEngine is installed it works fine. The question we are trying to get answered is how the search is working. When you press the search button, is the request getting posted and then how is RoboEngine communicating back to the browser? With this information we are hoping to further understand how to configure our environment. The search is clearly not responding back the same way as when you click on a page with help, because it has to generate the list of found items and serve that back to the browser. Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

      Joe Blasko