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    Controlling Clips

      Hello! I'm a pretty new actionscript user and have run into an obstacle which is likely not that complicated, hopefully one of you masters can help.

      By necessity I've created a rather large .swf with a main timeline around 17 frames long. A series of buttons on the first frame advances the viewer through the subsequent frames. Works fine locally. When I upload and test the first frame quickly appears and if I click quickly click on one of my buttons it goes to the correct frame but it's either blank or partially blank. If I wait long enough, it's eventually visible

      Question 1: Is this because frame 1 is loaded first (making the buttons visible) then subsequent frames become visible once loaded. If so is there something I can do so that frame 1 is displayed only after the entire .swf is loaded. This solution is likely undesirable because of the loading time.

      Question 2: Alternatively I'd like the buttons to appear only once the target frame is loaded. I converted a button which plays frame 14 to a movie (called "ICON_01"). Frame 1 of "ICON_01" has a transparent white shape at 80% opacity which tweens from frame 2 to slowly make the button more visible once frame 14 has been loaded. in the first frame of "ICON_01" included the following script:

      if (_parent._framesloaded<14) {
      } else {

      This doesnt seem to work, and I'm wondering where I'm going wrong? I've got a test version online www.form3.com/contents/content12_01.html (buttons on the right side, the one at bottom has the above script)

      Thanks for any possible advice.