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    Flash player runs slow, jerky, performance problems (Apple OS 10.4.7)

      I'm working on a Macintosh 1.35GHz PowerPC G4 Mac OSX version 10.4.7. I have Flash Player 9 installed on my machine. When I run games on the Neopets web site (yes, I am an adult and yes the games are actually fun) many of them are so jerky and slow that they are completely unplayable. I have the same problem on another machine (Dual 2Ghz processor, Mac OS 10.4.7). What's weird is that the games used to run faster. I believe the slowdown occured in one of my recent OS updates. I've tried this with both Safari and Firefox and have the same problem with both.

      In particular: Moon Rock Rampage (try picking up a piece or killing a creature - both will grind to a halt), which can be seen here: http://www.neopets.com/games/moonrockrampage.phtml