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      hi there!

      to make tweens by code, we have 2 options:
      mx transitions [ex. new Tween(ball_mc, "_alpha", Strong.easeIn, 100, 0, 3, true);]
      or laco tween classes [ex. my_mc.tween("_x",300,3,"easeOutElastic",1);]

      as we know, using second option (laco tweens) we can delay a tween, by puting a number in seconds at last (see my example).

      my first question is:
      is there an option to delay a tween , made with mx.transitions?

      my second question is:
      considering that we cand use 2 values at the same time with laco tweens [ex. my_mc.tween(["_x","_alpha"],[200,5],10); ]
      do we have the same option using mx.transition classes?
      i already tried but it seems not to work....maybe i miss something here...