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    3D Interactive to Display and Back

    JAH_P Level 1
      Ok.. I've got a question - but forgive me I'm going to confuse myself at the same time as trying to explain it.
      I have a client that wishes to create a world to move around in - To interact with specific objects - and then to return to the "world". I have a "world" setup with objects of interest. I now want to allow the user to click on these objects (in director it will goto say "page3") and a display screen pulls up...the user can now watch animations, print info...etc. and then when done I need the user to beable to return to the very same spot back on the "world" that they were at before "page3" was initiated. Thanks in advance to any help!!
      - On a side note, I know that i could make separate *.*w3d files for each location (to start at) that the user has to interact with... but this would be not only a nightmare for creating, but also a nightmare on load time.
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          _lw Level 1
          the easiest way would be to stretch the 3D scene along the whole movie and use keyframes to put it outside the stage when you don't need it.

          the other way would be to store the the position when you leave the world and set the position when you enter the world.

          what confuses you exactly?
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            JAH_P Level 1
            hondo3000 - thanks for the quick response! I came up with the answer and it was a bit too easy. I think my problem was throwing too many different situations at the question without actually just giving the "easiest" a try.
            Answer - i put the *.*w3d file in place, put a hold frame.. after selecting the object and going to another marker - once it was done - i told it to go back to the first marker and interesting enough, it remembered exactly where i was last!
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              Newt99 Level 1

              Yes, as long as you do not reset the 3D world, you can go back and forth and it won't change.