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    Support for IE 7.0 in WebHelp?

      With the new version of Internet Explorer (IE 7.0) coming out with Windows Vista and to the general public, there will be limitations to the functionality of WebHelp, due to the way RH_SHOWHELP makes the calls to the browser. Is anyone aware of an update to RoboHelp X5 or a newer version coming out to support WebHelp on the new Vista OS or simply a new version of IE? We're currently working to hack the javascript in order to keep IE 7.0 from suppressing our context sensitive help topic content on window load. Basically, what happens is that the default help topic gets loaded and the topic requested will not display until the user clicks through all the security permissions that are a result of IE. It should be noted that this problem is an issue when using Airplane Help - and the version local to the client PC (not on a webserver). In essence, the webhelp file loads under regular user permission, which is not enough of a permission to display a file containing active content (Admin permission required).

      Anyone have any information on this issue? Newer/updated version coming out anytime soon? We're already in trouble for our release (due to go out the door in January), but we're looking for a more permanent/maintainable solution for the next release of our software.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi charon170

          I really hate to sound like a total doofus here, but what the heck. You never know until you ask, right?

          What specifically are you seeing with WebHelp on IE7? I ask because I have IE7 installed on my desktop and WebHelp seems to work just fine with it. Does the misbehavior only manifest when you attempt to view Context Sensitive topics?

          Sorry, but there are just many variables to this mix that could affect things. For example:

          * How is WebHelp being used? Is it being stored and opened on a local PC or via a server? I know you mentioned "Airplane help", but this could simply mean you have WebHelp in two places, on the Local PC as well as on the Server. If WebHelp is on the local PC, there is a known issue with IE6 and I'm assuming the same would apply to IE7, where you see the yellow information bar when accessing locally. This is due to the JavaScripting involved.
          * HOW is the WebHelp being called? Through a direct URL or via the WebHelp API? On the local PC, have you tried "enabling active content to run in files on My Computer"?

          Adobe has announced that a new version of RoboHelp is indeed underway and we should see it sometime early next year. I'm guessing that whatever that can be done to make things compatible will indeed occur.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I am facing a similar problem using WebHelp on IE 7.0. When I try to access my product WebHelp (installed in my local machine), the TOC appears fine, but the right-hand section containing context-sensitive information displays for a second and then disappears with this error "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Can you tell me why this is happening? How ro solve this? Charon170 posted that some security permissions need to be set. Please tell me which ones to be set.