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    Button Problem

    sbryner Level 1
      Hello: All,


      I've got this code. It works when I click on an attached MovieClip
      when I click on the same attached MovieClip again it changes to a different array name.
      I don't want it to change.

      It is used to pull up information about that attached MovieClip so when I click it the second time
      I want it to do nothing instead it selects another item in the array an loads it... check out the link below
      to see what I'm trying to explain it may make more sense.

      I've posted the .swf file here:

      Click Here To View .SWF

      Below is the code I'm using. For the problem part. If anybody can help figure out why it is switching
      when I click on them.... all but the second button "Barcelona". It would be very helpful.



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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          My guess is the second time you click some values you're working with aren't cleared to the originals. I'd put a trace() on one of your buttons to return what you're searching for. Or put a line that would reset any values.