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    Text being squished in movie clip

      I have text on a main key frame of my movie. On another keyframe I have a movieclip ("dir_mc") which contains a slider mask and another movie clip ("dir_txt"). The dir_txt movieclip is nothing more then a text box. The slider controls the vertical motion of the dir_txt movie clip slideing under the mask.

      The problem is that I have copied the text box from the first key frame and pasted it into the dir_txt clip. I then retyped the text for the new section. I did not change the font, size, leading, readability options, etc. The text looks good when viewing it inside the movie clip however when viewing it from the main level and on the web the text in the clip gets crunched. There are 6 lines showing on the main commercials page however on the directors page the text with the same settings crunches the text and thus shows 6.2 lines (the .2 being the top of the 7th line. You can see how the line spacing changes to reposition the text. All setting are exactly the same.

      Anyone know why this text is getting crunched and how to fix it? You can view the problem by going to http://extranet.mullerco.biz/steelefilms/website/commercials.html. The main text is in red. Compare that text to the red text on the page when you click the "directors" link.


      Jason Presley