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    import  avi save fla

      Hi, New to flash and scripting. I have about a 1000 .avi files to import(embed,separate sound,encode low flash 8) into a pre-made template (5 timeline layers and a graphic), position and attach a separated video item and audio item.

      Then save as a .fla files under an edited file name. I've been trying to write a javascript to batch process these with some success.

      The problems are: scripting through the importing menus (completely automating process), altering the documents names while creating new files.
      I've seen the batch code posted elsewhere in the forum and based my code on it, that and tinkering around I have managed alot, I'm just not sure if javascript flash is able to handle my remaining problems.

      I hope someone can help, I'd like 50 hours of tedious work reduced to 10 hours of autopilot.

      appreciate any suggestions, code samples or methods:
      Add template
      change document name
      save unsaved file without clicking

      Will post my final code when working to help anyone else who finds themselves in same sinking boat.

      Arctic Mongoose.