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    Pages scroll to top when clicking links

      Solved - now that the search facility is working again I found an answer to this here.


      my project contains hundreds of academic references which I have made into links to the full details of these references. The pop-up boxes open up OK, at the correct size etc, but I am experiencing a problem in that the original page scrolls back up to the top the first time any link is clicked on. As some of my pages are quite long this is proving very annoying as I have to remember where I was in the page and scroll back down to it. What is strange is that this only happens the first time I click on a link - if I go back to it and click again everything behaves as it should, i.e. the original page doesn't scroll back to the top.

      I'm using RH7 to generate WebHelp, and I'm seeing the issue in Firefox and IE.

      Thanks in advance for any advice, and apologies if this has been covered - searching the forum results in an error message each time I try, and I can only see 3 pages of posts so can't search that way either.