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    Preloader viewed in Firefox - Hosted on Apache/Linux

      I'm loading an external swf file into an empty movie clip (sceneholder).

      I've tested this in multiple environments, hosted on multiple servers. When opened locally from my HD, the preloader works in both IE/firefox. When hosted on windows IIS, the preloader works in both IE and Firefox. When hosted on Apache on a Linux (Red Hat) server, it only works in IE. In firefox you see the preloader and it hangs at "Loading 0%".

      Here is the preloader code:

      Frame 1:

      percent = 0;

      Frame 2:

      _global.sceneString = "scenes\\scene" + _global.scene + ".swf";

      Frame 3:

      percent = Math.floor(_parent.sceneHolder.getBytesLoaded()/_parent.sceneHolder.getBytesTotal()*100);
      myOutput.text = "Loading " + percent + "%";

      Frame 4:


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.