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    load pdf

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      Hi can anyone help - is there any way I can load an external .pdf into a mc at a specific size and position using loadMovie?
      Do I have to convert it to a jpg & use a setProperty() ??
      Also having a big headache trying to resize the images to a standard size but without stretching or squashing the image - is the anyone who knows how to resize to scale?

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          unfortunatly Flash cant load external PDf Files.... at least you should convert it to Giff,Jpeg or Png files in order to Load it

          some development at adobe are going on to integrate Flash player with acrobat reader (read about adobe apollo project)...may this in the future will solve this


          second: if I understand your question.......you want to rescale your loaded images inside flash

          in this case all what you need is to load it inside Movieclip for example (mc1)

          by default the loaded image inheret the movie scalling factor...
          and in order to change this scale.... you just use

          mc1._xscale=mc1._yscale= yournewscalenumber;


          Firas Darweesh
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            Thanx for the info, I seem to have cracked it.

            Thanks again.