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    passing and reading variables


      Basically, what I'm trying to do is turn visibility for different movie clips on the main timeline on or off depending on which button you click. The thing is, I have curtains opening and closing and want to turn the visibility on/off when the curtains animation has the curtains closed, the appropriate movie clip is made visible and then the curtains open.

      1. I have declared a variable called "current" on frame one of the main timeline
      2. I have several buttons that when clicked set the variable "current" to reflect the button clicked
      3. I have an instance on the main timeline named "curtainsMain" of a movie clip called "curtains" that when any of the buttons is clicked plays
      4. On the timeline for "curtainsMain" is an action that is SUPPOSED to read in the variable value that is set when you click on one of the buttons on the main timeline
      5. It's not working. When I set a trace to output the value that is read on the timeline for "curtainsMain" it always comes up "undefined"
      6. HELP!