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    shockwave movie in Netscape

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      I must admit I'm surprised at how difficult it is to get my shockwaved director movies to work in different computer systems. Now I'm stuck on Windows XP and Netscape 7.1. I've installed the shockwave player but apparently it's not the right one. Well anyway it is still not working and I have a message to install Shockwave Player.

      Has anyone ever had a similar problem, or better still solved it? Is this a real problem, or is it just me?
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          nevereasy Level 1
          My problem with Shockwave player is getting worse. Since I installed it to try to make it work in Netscape, it no longer works in IE.
          To be more accurate, the Adobe test page works fine .... BUT MY MOVIES DON'T!!!! What would be the difference? When we publish shockwave movies there aren't all that many options. I have tried all of them and none of my movies now work. I have the latest versions of Director and Shockwave. In desperation, I'm about to reinstall Director and Shockwave in case I have messed something up on my computer.
          In my testing I did discover that Shockwave version 8.5 doesn't work in Mac OS X, but version 10 does. Then I went to Windows Netscape. It was a new installation on my developing computer. I got a message (black on black!!) to upgrade the Shockwave player. Well I downloaded it, ran it, it made no difference, then I don't know what I did, but Shockwave now doesn't work in IE ... oh pleeeeese help me!
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            I'm gonna hazard a guess that if your shockwave file doesn't work across
            that many browsers and OSes, then the problem is more likely with your
            file. Try making a brand new movie with 1 text sprite on the stage
            ("this is a test" or something). Then put a single frame script:

            on exitFrame me
            go to the frame

            Publish that and see if it works. If it does, then reinstalling
            Director and/or Shockwave is not the answer. Look closer at your
            program and see what is wrong with it.

            If it still fails, then you have a more serious problem.
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              A great suggestion, thanks Mike.
              And it seems ... I have a more serious problem. My movies were working in IE before I ran the update, so .... I think I'm glad it's not my work, because there is a lot of it. (Getting on to 350 linked movies!!)

              So now I think I will try reinstalling the software .. Director and then Shockwave .. unless someone has another suggestion. Cup of tea first!
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                It just started working properly in both browsers!!!
                All I did was play with the test movie and try all the different templates in Shockwave html tab of the publish window. The one that replaced the movie with an image worked ... with an image, so then I went back to 'default' and 'detect' and they both worked .... as if the silly machine just needed to be woken up ... wasted hours fiddling with it!

                Getting a simple suggestion like yours Mike, was enough to get me going ... and solving it. This forum is fantastic. I've added you to my director forum hero's list Mike!!!!
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                  the whole thing got worse and worse ... tried everything, then found this tech note ... not my fault at all!!! .. a js error with version 10 shockwave and auto detect player template... I think this is a fix but I just turned off auto detect.