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    Out of curiosity, if you have the time...

    HWHomberg Level 1
      If you have the time, I'd like to see what the results of this for you are. I'm seeing if I can eliminate the possibility of our setup here at the office. Your email should be able to support clickable links (no plain text), and your project should use the TOC.

      1. Go into a published project folder with .htm topic files in it.

      2. Open one of the topics that, when opened by itself, has the clickable "Show" (or whatever verbiage you may have customized it to) link.

      3. Click "Show" so that the TOC appears.

      4. In the browser, highlight and copy the address bar.

      5. Paste that into an email and email it to yourself.

      6. Click the link in the email.

      Does this open the project to the topic you originally pasted the link to, or does it just open the start page of the project?

      This is much appreciated! If it just opens to the start page with the TOC showing, I'm taking it that this is a common browser reaction to this situation?