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    Dynamic Flash Site

    Ricky2k7 Level 1
      I'm going to change my website from head to toe, and I would like to insert some new features.
      The site will have a news and portfolio section, no problem here. The issue is that I would like to update these sections without editing the .fla every time.
      Is it possible to create a php backoffice so that I can insert or delete new records? I have to mention that the portfolio section will have images that are inserted along with the other details.

      Can anyone help me?
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          derobinson Level 1
          It is absolutely possible. Check out the Data Integration section (Flash 8 Pro only i think) of the Help docs. i think there's even a PHP example/tutorial in the help docs. Google "flash PHP" and I'm sure you'll find lots more as well.

          Good luck!