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    'Reading' PDF into Flash Movie

    neilross Level 1

      I have a client who is looking to have a 'configurator' developed in Flash. What it needs to do is to 'read' a vector graphic which is uploaded to the web server in PDF format into the flash movie for manipulation. The manipulation may include scaling the image size or rotating the image.

      Upon completion of manipulation of the image the user would submit the results of the manipulation which would pass parameters back to the application server/database which would allow my customer to print the resulting image in volume.

      I guess the question are as follows:

      Can you read the vector graphic from a PDF and pull it into a Flash movie?

      Can a configurator of this type be built?

      Not only do I need to know IF it can be done, I need to subcontract someone to do the work. I would also need to integrate this into the rest of the application which will be ColdFusion 7 and Oracle 10g. Any takers, please email me.


      Neil Ross