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    How do you make a captured "video" of movie

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      I want to create an animation of how to use the program I've created in director. The kind where you feel like someone is sitting next to you and explaining everything and showing you. As a Voice Over describes the action you see it happening. For example, VO, "You can open the tutorial by clicking here." and you see the cursor moving to a button and clicking on it and the tutorial opens. So what I want is a screen capture video, one that is clear. I've seen screen shots that look blurry. Or would you just do all this within Director? Any suggestions?
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          There are commercial screen recorder applications used to create
          tutorial videos, that record your narration in real time. One has to
          record on a reasonably powerful system to record while running director.

          That distortion is probably video compression or scaling artifact. You
          may need to setup your system with a smaller than normal screen size
          so end user can video video with added window frame on their monitor.