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    preLoader for V2 Components

      I am using a large number of V2 components in an application. I have created MovieClips that contain the V2 components and written classes that I attach to these MovieClips. The classes contain a fair amount of code to retrieve data from the web, perform calculations on it, format it, and then place it in the V2 components for presentation.

      When I test the application on my machine (i.e. no downloading required over the internet) nothing appears until all of the calculations in the classes are done, which takes about 15 to 20 seconds.

      My question: Is there a way to have the calculations run in the "background" while I provide an animation to amuse the visitor until all of the calculations are done. Then I would present V2 rich MovieClips populated with all of the data.

      I tried loading all of the V2 Rich MovieClips with _visible set to false. Then, once all calculations were done I made the clips visible. Although this works, as far as displaying the Movieclips quickly with all of the calculated data, I still can't provide a simple animation while the calculations are going on. The animation stops while the calculations and formatting in the attached MovieClip classes are being performed.

      Can anyone point me to a tutorial that might address my problem. Or am I just up against the wall on this one? It seems every time I try to use V2 components I run into this problem even without the linked classes. I've tried loading the class files in frames other than the first frame, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.