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    Problems with ColdFusion Extensions and CF/Flex Application Wizard

    cheftimo Level 2
      I have configured the Eclipse RDS according to the instructions in the help documentation. The RDS Fileview and Dataview work OK, but I haven’t had any luck with the Services Browser: when I try to expand (+) the localhost item, the only thing that appears is the message “Unable to get meta data for cfc.”

      The Dreamweaver 8 Components panel, which shows exactly the same information, works fine.

      Perhaps related to the above: when I create a Flex project with the CF/Flex Application Wizard and look at the project properties, in the Flex Server section, I get "Since this project does not use a server, these setting do not apply". I find this odd: a ColdFusion project that doesn’t use a server? Anyway, using the wizard, I have not been able to create a simple project that works.

      If anyone has had similar problems and has been able to solve them, I would appreciate some light on the subject.