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    Workaround for Flash Text Object Bug?

      Any developers out there who have had lots of different people use their SWF will know that the Flash player has a mysterious bug relating to TEXT. I am hoping for a workaround.

      I can't reproduce it myself, but many players of my games have sent screenshots proving that after playing for awhile, occasionally, ALL of the text on the screen will suddenly go berzerk. They are using versions 7,8 and 9 of the Flash player so that makes no difference. This applies to dynamic text fields and TextArea components.

      When the problem occurs, the textarea components will start wrapping after a few characters of text when it usually wraps after 100 or so characters (like the font metrics of the font are giving wrong values suddenly). The justification of the text fields will also switch to left justify instead of centering. Some text fields will suddenly increase 50-fold in size and become giant rectangles instead of small text displays. Other text on the screen will vanish altogether!

      All of this happens at once, without warning, and only occasionally. THe problem applies to text that is created dynamically or already on the stage. No special fonts are embedded. The players are able to play fine most of the time, then wham, all of a sudden the text messes up.

      Any, I am wondering if I'm the only person who is having this problem or if anyone has a workaround. I keep telling my customers that its a Flash bug outside of my control, but that isn't going over very well. But what can I do if the font objects go nuts without warning all by themselves?