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    Context sensitive webhelp topics

    AliceNic Level 1
      I am experiencing issues with the display of context sensitive webhelp topics only in one particular scenario. The scenario is when the topic sits under two books (ie 3rd level down in the structure) in the RoboHelp menu. In this case, the context sensitive topic displays in the webhelp window and the RoboHelp navigation pane displays but the navigation does not open to show the location of the topic in the context of the left-hand menu options.

      My desired outcome is for the topic to display and menu to open showing the location of the topic at the same time. it is working for all context sensitive topics sitting under one book in the menu (ie 2nd level down). It also works for context sensitive topics irrespective of the level when I publish the webhelp to my c drive - it just doesn't work when I publish to a web server.

      Has anyone had a similar issue or have any clues as to how to resolve this issue?

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.