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    RH 7 to PDF basic question

    Radha Renga

      My company has a payment system application developed in Java. The UIs are dynamic jsps.
      They are looking at good online help system for the application in server environment; and I am looking at RH7 to
      WebHelp format. We may need PDF outputs for Installation guides and other smaller deliverables.

      There are no tools yet; only MS office.

      - To convert RH7 files to PDF output format do we need Acrobat 9 Pro? Or is a PDF converter bundled with RH7.
      - If so does it generate cross-ref links and bookmarks too?
      - If at some point the client asks for PDF format of the online help (or WebHelp) is it feasible to achieve with less effort?

      This sounds like a basic question. but I request your help as I could not figure out things on googling.

      Radha Renganathan