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    Search Array with multiple values

    sbryner Level 1

      I've been helped with the prototype below by blemmo (thanks).

      It allows me to search my array using one property == a value.

      Now, I'd like to use it to:

      if ((prop1 == val1) &&(prop2 == val2) && (prop3 == val3) {
      // search array for all values in array with the values of val1, val2 and val3

      Also, a way to search if one of the prop and val's are blank, ie...

      ((prop1 == val1) &&(prop2 == val2) && (prop3 == val3)
      where prop2 and val2 are "undefined"

      so the search will only search for the prop and val that are not "undefined"

      make since? Don't know where to start.
      help and thanks in advance.