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    cfcookie and subdomains

      How can I limit a cookies use to a specified subdomain using the domain attribute within the cfcookie tag?

      I couldn't get this to work: <cfcookie name="foo" domain=".foo.mydomain.com">
      foo.mydomain.com is the dummy subdomain

      FYI, using CF6.1

      LiveDocs are confusing at best.

      Thanks for your help.
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          <newbie /> Level 1

          <cfcookie name="foo" domain=".foo.mydomain.com" value="foocookie">
          <cfcookie name="foo" domain=".foo2.mydomain.com" value="foo2cookie">

          I just tried it and it's working correctly.

          Perhaps your test was invalid? Can you explain in great detail how you
          performed your test?

          Good luck!