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    Desperate for your expertise: How do I marry FW8 generated Popup Menu into my CSS-based homepage

      I'd really appreciate if any of you can shed some light on my personal mystery. My trouble has to do with FW8 generated PopUp menus But not with their actual creation. Instead, its in regards to how I integrate them into my current CSS design...

      I've used and understand FW PopUp menus before in table based websites with no problems but am fairly new to CSS designed sites like the one I'm working on.

      I am trying replace the unordered menu seen in this mockup Homepage with the FW8 generated PopUp menu found here.

      The necessary .css files for the first page are found at : www.allenlund.com/ALC-v4/layout-cb.css and www.allenlund.com/ALC-v4/default.css. While the FW8 menu's CSS is at: www.allenlund.com/ALC-v4/Fireworks-NavMenu.css along with the javascript located at www.allenlund.com/ALC-v4/mm_css_menu.js.

      I know some renaming is involved. I've tried replacing the names in the menu area items of layout-cb.css all with FWTableContainer815157819 which did seem to get the ball rolling but the menus themselves broke and there was a huge space still under the menu image. I simply can't figure out how to marry these two bits of code and CSS. Obviously more is needed, I'm confused and a deadline is looming.

      I'd love some feedback from the expert community. Thank you.

      Craig 'know enough to be dangerous" Borzelliere