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    How to turn IMAGE into MOVIECLIP???

      OBasically, I have been using Flash CS3 forever, and now using Flex 3.0. This is the problem. If I add an image into Flex, I can't turn it into a MovieClip. <mx:Image> is fine if I want to make the image visible and non visible, but that is ridiculous because if I need to remove it from the canvas (stage) altogether, I can't. I need to be able to ADDCHILD and REMOVECHILD my image anytime I want, like in Flash CS3. If anyone can help me, that would be awesome. Right now I have a two player game, but if I make the image invisible "image.visble = false;" then the other players object can still run into it even though it is invisible. I need to be able to take it off of the canvas (stage) completely. Is there anyway I can just turn the image into a movieclip, or something else so that I can add and remove child whenever I want? This whole MXML thing is bothering me. :D