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    Problem Importing PowerPoint slides

      I have been unable to import one slide from a 30-slide presentation - all others import fine. There are graphic objects on the problem slide of unknown origin (I did not create the slide) that seem to be the causing the problem. Are there known PowerPoint object formats that Captivate will not accept? Any suggestions for a workaround?

      BTW - Any slides after the problem slide import as blank slides. However, if I move the problem slide to the end of the presentation, the others import properly.
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          I have had a similar problem and think I have just resolved it. If you can see your images in the thumbnail but not on the larger view, click on the problem slide look on the timeline. If you see "ppt.png (Display for rest of movie)", it's possible that the PowerPoint template from this slide is overlaying as an image on every slide that follows it. Try changing the Properties to have it display for the "rest of slide." I'm new to Captivate, so perhaps someone can elaborate on this.
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            CatBandit Level 3
            kg01, have you duplicated this consistently? I haven't seen the problem personally, but have had others describe it to me. Yours is the first explanation I've seen that makes sense of the problem and provides a cure, as well.

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              kg01 Level 1
              As I said, I'm new to Captivate -- just a few hours' experience with this particular tool.

              My company is starting to create e-learning courses and one of the trainers created a 3-slide template for us to use. The first slide was a splash screen and the next two were created from PowerPoint slides using the company's template. He imported these three slides into Captivate and made a template there. That was the template I downloaded into Captivate.

              Then when I created additional slides using PowerPoint and tried to import them between his slides #2 and 3, the slide content only appeared in the thumbnails.

              When I clicked on that "ppt.png" line in the Thumbnail view, I noticed that the entire slide was selected. That's what gave me the idea that the PowerPoint template had somehow been imported as a graphic. Even when I imported slides with no template, the same thing happened if they were placed after slide #2. (What can I say -- beginner's luck, I guess.)