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    Topic editing

      Is there a way of letting somone else edit topic pages, while I retain control of publishing RH Webhelp libraries?

      I have an instance where I am the sole licensed user of RHX5 and have built a webhelp library for another dept. However, a rep. from the other dept has many urgent updates that I currently have no time to include. Can I grant her access to edit the relevant pages without her needing to purchase RHX5 or using my PC.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          In short, No! They could edit the .HTM file using another application if all they were changing was raw text or images. You could then import the HTM file. I'd say this is not what you'd want as if you haven't time to edit their topics you'll probably not want to have to import them and recompile. You could also export to a Word file which they could update but again you'd need to import. Not sure if this really helps.
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            SFMatBFT Level 1
            Thanks Colum, still useful! Cheers
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Needless to say you'd also need a firm control over who was editing what files to avoid two of you updating the same files at the same time. There are also drawbacks with both approches.
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                CraigCC Level 2
                Hi SFMatBFT,

                Nothing is impossible, it just depends how desperate you are :-)

                For the long term you may want to check out working with contribute and robohelp. Take a look at Peter Grainge's site http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/reviewing/contribute.htm.

                For the short term, if depends how desperate you are and how trustworthy and smart your rep is? I've allowed someone to update the .htm output files in this situation (for basic text edits) and then send me the updated files to consolidate at a later date. These were updated in dreamweaver and notepad. This was a one off situation and I would make a habit of it - better to get some overtime in if you can.

                Kind Regards