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    consuming a webservice - 2

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      Ok - so through the whole thread of the original post out the window.
      As it turns out Crystaltech does not allow you to call the cfc directly
      from their server. It MUST be invoked from another file. Which is why
      the error when browsing http://www.femsa.org/cfc/getMembers.cfc.

      Ok so that is odd - maybe secure -dunno.

      So now I have mad the cfc as simple as possible and I have confirmed
      that you can invoke it from the same server, another server in their
      network, and in fact a server outside their network.

      Now to the troubles at hand..........

      The cfc contains the following code - EXACTLY

      <cfcomponent hint="Returns minimal member data for consumption">

      <cffunction name="members" access="remote" returntype="string">
      <cfreturn "DevNet is great!">

      <cffunction name="firstws" access="remote" returntype="string">
      <cfreturn "DevNet is great!">

      If I call the cfc using the firstws function - the results are expected
      - yahoo it works..

      <cfinvoke webservice=" http://www.femsa.org/cfc/getMembers.cfc?wsdl"


      HOWEVER - If I call the members function - it spits up at me.

      <cfinvoke webservice=" http://www.femsa.org/cfc/getMembers.cfc?wsdl"


      Spit up =
      Web service operation "members" with parameters {} could not be found.

      The error occurred in
      C:\Domains\echowebs.com\wwwroot\gac\consumefemsa.cfm: line 2

      1 : <cfinvoke webservice=" http://www.femsa.org/cfc/getMembers.cfc?wsdl"
      2 : method="members"
      3 : returnvariable="returnedText">
      4 :

      Any idea why the EXACT same function - differing only in name - would
      work one way but not the other? In order to rule out an application
      issue, there is a new application.cfm file in the cfc folder with the
      simple contents of <cfset mebe=""> - nothing else.


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