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    Modified Date on Project

      I am thoroughly confused as to why in my Help folder on my C drive, the last modified date on my .xpj file say Feb. 17, 2004. This confuses me because this is around the time that the project would have been created. I just edited the project today and regenerated it and when I opened it, all the changes I made are there so that is good. But then why isn't the last modified date Sep. 27 then? On the HHP and .ALI, and .PSS ext. it says today's date. But I don't understand what all these file extensions stand for! Oh and another thing I just noticed: The "Created" date says Sep. 27, 2006. It seems as thought the Created date and Modified date are switched around. Could someone explain this to me-if you understand my question? I am so confused as usual. :)