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    Replacing External Casts


      I have developed a Director MX app, which uses a main EXE, one internal cast member, and multiple external castmembers - one external cast per content chapter. This was done for an upgradability function. The presentation is delivered on CD, but has a Windows installer, ALL files are installed & saved locally.

      When my updater runs, it replaces specific files correctly within the installed directory structure (while the current projector is closed). The updater replaces linked HTML content and is updated correctly, imbedded HTML & images within the Dir are updated correctly, linking files for 'download' are updated correctly. BUT, the files contained within the updated external cast member do not appear within the app. The external cast member (say, Chapter 1) appears updated/replaced in my file structure - the date has been changed, and the (SWFs) files contained within the external cast member are updated to the revised content.

      BUT when I run the DIR again, after the upgrade, the presentation displays all the updated external content - except the content found within the external cast member. The DIR still displays the old content! I have no idea why, because it was replaced!

      How can I fix this? Is this a known issue?

      I'm running Director MX 2004 on Win XP.


      -Mike (Developer)

      Toronto, ON, Canada