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    About IOErrorEvent

    TigerLittle Level 1
      I found to fix my IOErrorEvent error, i may need to do:
      "You need to compile the SWF file with "Local Playback Security" set to "Access Local Files Only"."

      But I really have no idea how to do this. Anyone can help me? Thanks.

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          mike_morearty Level 1
          If using mxmlc from the command line, I think it's' something like this:

          mxmlc -use-network=false MyApp.mxml

          If using Flex Builder, I think you right-click on your project, choose Properties, go to "Flex Compiler," and put "-use-network=false" into the "Additional Compiler Arguments" box.

          More info:

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            TigerLittle Level 1
            seems this way doesn't fix my error. But I have learned how to set compiler. Thank you.
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              -use-network=false is usually used to fix sandbox security issues. Generally, when I get an IOError it means that whatever I tried to connect to did not provide a valid response. This can mean that the server rejected your connection, or that the server side code you tried to call failed for some reason.
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                TigerLittle Level 1
                Thanks, dwischusen.
                This is really fixed the sandbox security error little bit, Error #2047: Security sandbox violation. It doesn't show at first time I open the page. (but it still come out after you keep open this page few times).

                If the IOError come from server side, it explained why in the tree view, when I open a folder(it calls web services to get data). only certain folders get this error. not every one. So, I need go to look what the web services try to response.