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    MovieClip Transitions OnRelease

      Hi Folks!

      I have a Flash movie containing three Movieclips and three Buttons, one for each clip. As you might imagine, when you click on each button, it unloads the previous clip and plays the new selected movie clip in the centre of the page. See the following FLA file I created (with assistance from Flash built in help):

      What I would like to be able to do is make it so that each movieclip transitions into the next one a little nicer when the button is clicked. To be more precise; on the click of a button I would like a black-square to slide down over the currently playing movieclip and when it slides back up to the top again, it reveals the new movieclip playing underneath.


      I have tried two approaches.
      1) The button feeds the appropriate data into the variables in frame1 of the main timeline (on button release). The black-square then slides down in the main movie timeline. At the point where it is totally covering the current movieclip it populates the new attachmovie data and in theory, should be playing the new clip as the black-square returns to the top. See the FLA file below to see what I mean:

      2) The main timeline is only one frame long and on button release, a movieclip of the black-square is played over the top of the currently playing movieclip. The black-square movie clip, as with the approach above, has the new clip populated at the same halfway-point and it's covering the movie below it.

      I couldn't get either to work!!

      Can somebody show me how to do this? Or otherwise, tell me the best approach to take (not necessarily one of the two approaches above!). Any help is very much appreciated!!!


      csjacks (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

      PS: I searched these forums and found a couple of useful fadein/out transitions but nothing explaining exactly what I'm after. If I missed one, let me know!
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          Not quite sure what you mean, in terms of the transition...
          At the moment (in the version 04 fla) you have a movieclip with a cool masking effect over sliding photos. Plus the black bar the slides over the top in the beginning.

          Q: Do you want a photo to slide in, then wait for the user to click a button before moving on to the next photo (as well as sliding the black bar as a transition between the different photos)?
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            stanbridgethegreat Level 1
            Hi Glazer, thanks for the reply!

            Close, but not quite. There are three movie clips (as per the first of the two Flash examples posted). Each movie clip will contain a series of individual photos that play in a constant loop. What I want to happen is, when a user clicks the button for (say) the second movieclip, a big black square slides down over the top of the currently playing movieclip (which is still looping through photos the whole time the black-square slides over the top of it). Then, as the black-square slides back up, the second movieclip should be revealed (already rotating through its series of photos).

            NOTE: I haven't bothered to create three separate series (movieclips) of sliding photos. I just duplicated the first clip and added "clip 2" and "clip 3" for now just until I get the whole concept working!

            Does that make more sense?

            The whole "black-square" thing is probably a bit of a dodgy work-around. This could possibly be accomplished with a mask instead, but I'm not that clever yet.


            csjacks (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

            PS: Probably best you ignore the second Flash file I posted. I just included that to show people what I had tried so far. The first one works fine only it is missing the transition between moveclips.
            PPS: Re: "Cool masking effect" - thanks! I was very proud of that. Simple but it turned out really cool!
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              Glazer Level 1
              aha! i see...
              i'll try to put something together and post it.
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                Glazer Level 1
                Try this.

                You'll notice that i've changed a lot of the structure, don't fear, it's supposed to be easier to work with this way.

                You'll need to replace "SlideShow2" and "SlideShow3" with whatever the other two slideshows are (there's only the one slideshow in the original .fla)
                And that's it, should work, let me know if there's anything you don't understand.

                Fla file
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                  stanbridgethegreat Level 1
                  (Oops! Dodgy post by me. Ignore this bit. Sorry!)
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                    stanbridgethegreat Level 1
                    For people searching for the same thing I was....
                    TWO ANSWERS:
                    Glazer's Solution:
                    Kirupa Solution:

                    Cheers Glazer!

                    That's brilliant! Exactly what I'm after! It's clearer too and I can follow it!

                    About 5 MINUTES before I got your reply I found another workable example at the following location:
                    The above example preloads each movieclip after the respective button is clicked.

                    Your version is more what am after though as I'm going to be preloading everything in one hit at the start of the movie.

                    Many many thanks for your time and effort! VERY much appreciated!

                    Cheers mate!

                    csjacks (AT) hotmail (DOT) com