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    Need precision on dynamically allocated objects

      Hi all,

      For example, I declare this class :

      package Global
      public class GV
      public static var gLogin:String="123";
      public static var gPassword:String="4567";

      public function test(t:int):int {
      return t+1;


      Flex lets me use my class this way to access a static member :

      import Global.*;

      In this case, a GV object is dynamically allocated and the static member is set.

      Now I want to call the test method using the same dyn alloc :

      import Global.*;

      Flex gives me a "Unknown method" error.

      So this is my question : Why can I access a static member but not a method on a dyn alloc object ? Is there a way to do this ?
      Thank you for your help :-)