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    FLash 8 -> Flash MX 6.0?

      Hello all,

      Is it possible to save files from Flash 8 so that they can be used in Flash MX version 6.0? I only seem to get the choice of Flash 8 or Flash MX 2004.

      Many thanks, Sam.
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          You've answered your own question. In fact, I find it irritating myself. The only way to do it is to save to MX2004 format, then reopen it in MX2004 (which I have on my laptop) and re-save in Flash MX format. There are many graphic designers and animators who think that there have been no significant improvements in Flash since Flash MX, and thus don't want to spend the money to upgrade. For the most part I agree with them. And I work on projects with them, which is why I find the situation to be troublesome. Other than ActionScript and some slightly better tweening controls and marginally useful (but mostly unnecessary) graphics filters, Flash 8 doesn't have much extra to offer designers and animators.