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    Is this a bug or did I craft this incorrectly?

      Is this a bug? It seems as if when I have installed adobe with IE7 it renders the text in this file in such a way that it is truncated?

      Image here -- click on me ---

      If it is not a bug can someone educate me how this should be fixed? and also why it would render improperly from one browser to the next?

      Here is what it looks like in IE7 on a different computer. Notice the font is totally different.

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          Did you use dynamic text for this? It looks like you may need to embed the font. Alternatively, and because it seems pointless using dynamic text there, use static text. - And if you want to be ultra sure, once you're happy with your text, right-click it, break apart until the text is a series of shapes.

          Essentially it looks as though the incorrect pic is displaying the text with device fonts and not your desired 'impact'? font.