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    Importing Word Documents Hanging

      I recently installed Robohelp X5 and was looking to import old Framemaker files. After converting the .fm files to Word documents (XP operating system), I went ahead and tried to import (Word Document Files) using Robohelp X5. Each import returns back the message; 'Word is not responding at this time'. Any reason why this problem occurs? I have tested the same imports on multiple PC's and get the same problem.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          A number of possibilities but first how are you managing to to test this on multiple PCs?

          Have you installed one copy on multiple PCs? I ask not because of any licence issues but because one of the most likely causes is the logon are you using. RH must be installed using YOUR logon and with admin rights attached at the time. There's a topic on my site about this.

          The other possibility is you are using Word 2003 and you have not installed the updates as well.

          If that doesn't fix it, look at the Print Issues topic. I know you are importing rather than printing but a number of the Word issues will have the same effect.