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    AS drawing on embedded video

      I been working with this problem I cant seam to get around. The block that starts with var gabc will draw a red line behind the embedded video on layer 0 and the block that starts workinkFrag will draw a blue line in front of the video. As you can see by the first block I need to dynamically create my gabc file name but every time I use a dynamically created name the line is behind the video. Any ideas?

      var gabc:String = "testDraw" + fragNumber;
      createEmptyMovieClip(gabc, 30650);
      ["testDraw" + fragNumber]lineStyle(0, 0xFF0000, 100, true, "none", "none", "miter", 1); //makes a red line
      ["testDraw" + fragNumber]moveTo (400,100);
      ["testDraw" + fragNumber]lineTo(myAssocArray[38].attributes["X_" + fragNumber], 400);

      trace(getInstanceAtDepth(30650) + " =========== getInstanceAtDepth(30650)"); // returns _level0.testDraw1
      trace(myAssocArray[38].attributes["X_" + fragNumber] + " myAssocArray"); // returns 175.699996948242
      trace(theVideo.getDepth() + " ===========theVideo depth"); //returns 0

      workingFrag = "lineOf_1";
      createEmptyMovieClip(workingFrag, getNextHighestDepth());
      lineOf_1.lineStyle(0, 0x0000FF, 100, true, "none", "none", "miter", 1); //makes Blue Line
      lineOf_1.moveTo (0,0);

      trace(lineOf_1.getDepth() + " blue line Depth"); // returns 30651