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    FLV Playback, SeekBarHandle problem

      I have used the FLV playback component and everything works fine, except that the seekBarhandle is not visible when playing the movie for the first time. It shows for a second when the movie starts, and works fine when you replay the movie, but not while viewing the first time.
      You can see it here:

      This is a part of the AS:

      I myVideo.playPauseButton = MC_videoControls.myPlayPauseButton;
      myVideo.stopButton = MC_videoControls.myStopButton;
      myVideo.forwardButton = MC_videoControls.myforwardButton;
      myVideo.backButton = MC_videoControls.mybackButton;
      myVideo.seekBar = MC_videoControls.myseekBar;
      myVideo.volumeBar = MC_videoControls.myvolumeBar;
      myVideo.bufferingBar = MC_videoControls.myBufferingBar;

      The SeekBarHandle is exported for actionscript and has the name: SeekBarHandle (I changed nothing)
      I see the _level0.MC_videoControls.handle_mc exists when debugging, but does not show on the screen.

      Any suggestions?

      http://www.exo-terra.com/docs3/expedition_2005/index2.php http://www.exo-terra.com/docs3/expedition_2005/index2.php