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    FLV files problem

      I have a Flash project that has about 80 flv files that are loaded at
      various times(on demand) into the module. It works fine when I run it
      from my desktop, it works fine when I run it directly from the server. It
      works awfully when it is run from the server via a web browser. From a
      browser none of the audio only flv files load and about half of the
      video flv files do not load. Everything works just fine if i go to the
      server folder and run it directly. I am loading it directly into the
      browser (/test.swf) instead of loading it into a webpage first(/test.htm) if
      that makes a difference. And I have checked and I am running Flash
      Player 9. Any idea on this malfunction? I have also checked the paths to
      the flv's in the parameters inspector and I am not running paths to my
      desktop or anything like that.