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    COM Connection problems

      We are running MX 6.1 developer addition with the built in web server on a XP Pro Machine. Installed on the machine is a API for connecting to a Sybase DB through COM+. I am receiving the error below and would greatly appreciate any insight anyone might have as how to solve the problem.

      Error Occurred While Processing Request
      An exception occurred when executing a Com method.
      The cause of this exception was that: AutomationException: 0x80004005 - [SYBASE][OLE DB Sybase provider][Sybase]ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed in 'Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider[clsDataAccess] ExecSQLIn2RS [on DEBAPI Version 3.0.0][clsDataAccess] GetConnectionString [on DEBAPI Version 3.0.0][clsDataAccess] GetFreeSQLHandle [on DEBAPI Version 3.0.0][cUserProfileLogin] Login [on DEBAPI Version 3.2.0][cUserProfile] Login [on DEBAPI Version 3.2.0]'.

      Here is my CFM test code:

      <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">



      <CFOBJECT ACTION="CREATE" NAME="getLogin" CLASS="EnergyAPI.cUserProfile">
      <cfset sEmailAddress = "test@test.com">
      <cfset sPassword = "test">
      <cfset lRetCode = "">

      <CFSET resultSet=getLogin.Login(sEmailAddress, sPassword, "WebUser", lRetCode)>

      <cfdump var="#resultSet#">