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    Printing Images

    nated Level 1
      I'm working on printing labels for a shipping application. The app. can print multi-piece shipment labels (needs to have like piece 1 / 2, 2 / 2, etc). When I pop the label up on the screen and force the user to print, it works. But for me, that's too much user interaction. I switched it over to a FlexPrintJob where the user just updates the shipment and it'll add a new label to the print spool and create one shipment with n number of pages, versus the old way of creating n number of print jobs with 1 page. When I switched to this way, it no longer loads my barcode images (which are dynamic) - so I can understand this partially - and want to know of a way to fix that. The part that confuses me a bit more is it won't print "static" images either. I use a static image on every label, and it's actually built in to the label, though the image isn't Embedded, just point the source of the Image tag to the image.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! :D

      Nathan D.