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    Custom Chart Component

      Hello all.

      I need to make a new chart component or extend the LineChart component thats part of Flex 2.0.
      My problem is that I'm new to flex and don't know where to start.
      So my questions to you are:
      Is the codebase for the Chart components available somewhere for me to look-at/alter?
      Where can I find some good resources about how to make my own components?

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          peterent Level 2
          Creating a new chart is a fairly complex task, even for seasoned Flex developers.

          What doesn't the LineChart do that you need it to do? It may be that properties exist to alter its behavior. Or maybe you just need to make new type of itemRenderer for the lines.

          Look at the Flex 2.0 documentation on custom components to get some ideas; those sections however, are not geared toward the charts.

          Finally, if you have a license for the charts, you should have the source in the Flex 2 SDK folder somewhere. Look for the mx/charts folder structure.